Helmholtz Munich Graduate School (HELENA)

Helmholtz Munich Graduate School (HELENA) – an investment in the future

Founded in November 2010 in collaboration with Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) and Technische Universität München (TUM), HELENA provides a unique blend of interdisciplinary, scientific, and international training, along with valuable career development resources and extensive networking opportunities. Join HELENA for a journey towards a successful future.


Doctoral Researchers' Program - Progress Platform

The doctoral researchers' progress platform in CaMS streamlines organizational processes, offering you a centralized hub for essential tasks like progress tracking, TAC meetings, course submissions, travel grants, and contract extensions. By utilizing this platform effectively, you can allocate more time to your academic pursuits. The left-side menu "For Doctoral Researcher" includes the progress status views for Project Outlines, University Registration, TAC meetings, Contract Extensions, and Travel Grant Applications. Furthermore, the Career Center offers coaching sessions, and the core facility Statistical Consulting provides three one-hour consulting tokens for specialized statistical assistance.

Terms and guidelines of good doctoral training at Helmholtz Munich

The “Terms and guidelines of good doctoral training at Helmholtz Munich” offer you valuable guidelines necessary to obtain your doctoral degree. They outline the expectations, processes, and opportunities available to ensure a successful and fulfilling doctoral experience. By adhering to these terms and guidelines, you can benefit from structured training, access to expert guidance, networking opportunities, and support. These guidelines establish a framework that fosters academic excellence, professional development, and a supportive research environment for doctoral researchers at Helmholtz Munich. It is important to familiarize yourself with these guidelines.

HELENA Supervision Agreement

If you have a Helmholtz Munich contract you are required to sign a supervision agreement to join the Helmholtz Munich Graduate School (HELENA). The original agreement must be submitted to Human Resources Management prior to signing the employment contract, while a PDF copy should be sent via email to the HELENA Graduate School Office.

For doctoral researchers who hold external scholarships or contracts from other institutions, their direct supervisor at Helmholtz Munich should arrange a guest contract for them. In this case, only the PDF version of the supervision agreement needs to be sent to HELENA Graduate School Office. Joining HELENA is an optional choice for these doctoral researchers.

HELENA Training Program

The Helmholtz Munich Graduate School (HELENA) offers you comprehensive scientific and professional training. It includes mandatory elements, scientific training, and professional skills development. You have the flexibility to tailor your curriculum by choosing from a variety of lectures, courses, seminars, retreats, summer schools, and scientific conferences. Additionally, you can complement your training through courses and seminars offered by universities or other graduate programs, which can be accredited by HELENA upon certification from the respective institutions.

Registration and Thesis Submission

Registering at the university is an essential requirement for all doctoral researchers at Helmholtz Munich in their journey towards obtaining a doctoral degree. To assist you in this crucial step, we present this section, thoughtfully written by the Doctoral Representatives who are active members of DINI - Doctoral Researchers Initiative. It provides valuable guidance and information to navigate the university's registration process and the submission of your thesis.

Thesis Advisory Committee

The Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) plays a vital role in guiding and supporting you throughout your thesis journey. Composed of experienced faculty members and experts in the relevant field, the TAC provides valuable feedback, advice, and oversight to ensure the successful completion of the research project. The committee members collaborate closely with you, offering guidance on research methodology, data analysis, and overall project direction. Through regular meetings and constructive discussions, the TAC assists in maintaining high standards of academic excellence and helps you navigate any challenges or obstacles encountered during the thesis process.

Support Services

In this section, you will find the contact information for essential support services that are available to you throughout your doctoral program. These services include the HELENA Graduate School, Research Schools, DINI - Doctoral Researchers Initiative, Career Coaching, Statistical Consultation and Ombudspersons. Furthermore, you will find information about the services offered at the center to support your well-being and maintain good health, along with contact points for addressing any interpersonal challenges you may encounter.

Scientific Awards

Scientific awards/prizes are crucial for advancing your research career. They highlight the significance of your work beyond your peers and increase your visibility and impact. Awards also provide confidence, and networking opportunities, especially in the early stages of your career. Additionally, they enhance your chances of securing future funding. Moreover, competing for awards offers valuable feedback on your work and how you are perceived within the scientific community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you'll find answers to commonly asked questions about our services, policies, and procedures. We have compiled this resource to provide you with quick and helpful information, saving you time and effort in finding the answers you need. If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to reach out to the HELENA team for further assistance.